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Open Adoption, Another Kind of love story

By Jennifer Randolph

As an outstanding high school senior who played varsity sports, got good grades, came from a solid family and had a steady boyfriend for over two years, pregnancy after the first time I had ever engaged in sex came as quite a shock for me. Yeah, I am THAT girl. That 0.1 percent.

Terrified, my boyfriend and I deliberated quietly about what to do. Five months into the pregnancy, we told my parents. Although very upset, my parents were supportive and urged us to make our own decision so we could hold ourselves fully accountable for the consequences. Although not at first, I ultimately realized how crucial it was that I, with my boyfriend, be the one to decide the future of our baby.

The Horney Village

By Jessie Horney

Here’s how my parents decided where to send me and my siblings to school: They found out where the school bus that stopped in front of our house was headed, and they put us on it. My parents bought our childhood home because of its proximity to an elementary, junior high, and high school, all three within walking distance, because who’s got time to shuttle seven children to and from school activities? Make those kids walk, man.

Teaching Responsibility

By Mary Ann Wilcox

As parents we control the atmosphere in our home through positive instruction, communication and delegation of responsibilities. A positive atmosphere is the nourishment that develops secure, cooperative children who become responsible adults with a good work ethic and the confidence to take on the challenges of adult living. In order to provide this atmosphere, a parent needs to do the following:

Where the wild things are

By Kurt Orzeck

Animals are wild at heart, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Zoo Boise.

“There’s a lot of wildlife here in Boise, though you might not think it,” Liz Littman, Zoo Boise Assistant Superintendent at the Parks and Recreation Department, discloses during a recent tour. She notes that the zoo attracts more than 350,000 guests a year.

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