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The Horney Village

When parental 'chutzpah' meets reality

By Jessie Horney

My oldest child is 5 years old, so in terms of parenting advice, I'm your basic punch line. My friends and I talk about raising our children every time we're together, but most of us are early on in the journey, babes in the woods with nothing but our flashlights and instincts to guide us. And by instincts I mean parenting books, research articles, and stories we heard from other people. I laugh when someone asks me for advice because I know I'm about 40 years away from having any real perspective on all of this, but I also love to engage in the fray with other parents.

Listening Skills

Listening skills for family cohesion

By Daniel Bobinski

Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, you probably realize that many family problems occur because of miscommunications. Someone says something that gets misinterpreted, and the next thing you know, feelings are hurt and a relationship becomes strained.

This problem often occurs unintentionally, but when it does occur, it’s usually because of a universal tendency of mankind — everyone wants to be heard first. The problem? When people are striving to be heard and understood first, it's hard to pay attention to what someone else is trying to say. In addition to hurt feelings and strained relationships, poor listening can also erode trust. This is definitely not good for family cohesion. Stated another way, “not listening” is a sure-fire shortcut to our kids not caring what we have to say.

Teaching Kindness

By Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel

Children need to learn empathy: Ask them: “If you could switch places with your sister, and feel that all she wants is to be your friend, and how hurt she feels with your unkind remark, would that help you choose to be kind or be quiet?” Or: “How would it feel to be the child who is different at your school?” (Take your children to see the movie “Wonder.”) And: “What if you were just super-tall — nothing you can change — and everyone made fun of you?”

Word Problem Champ

By Zoie Hoffman

Homework time is challenging for many, but there is one homework task that strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of families across the nation: word problems. These wordy little math tasks seem simple enough but are a big stumbling block for math students. If your child struggles to solve word problems correctly, or to even start a word problem, you are definitely not alone.

Meet the Publisher

J.J. Plew is Idaho born and raised. J.J. and his wife, along with their 4 kids have lived in the Treasure Valley for the past 15 years. J.J. has stayed actively involved in his kids’ activities as a coach, umpire, and volunteer. He enjoys music, dance, sports, and anything fun which helps keep him a kid at heart. J.J.’s desire for Idaho Family Magazine is to be the resource for families in the area looking for things to do and whats going on while also providing a positive and enjoyable magazine for readers. Feel free to reach out to J.J., he would love to hear from you.

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